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Additional Services

  1. Volunteer opportunities

  2. Fundraising opportunities 

  3. Internal Support for Veteran Issues

  4. Family & Social events

  5. Leadership opportunities

Ice Hockey Provided

  1. Access to weekly ice

  2. DVHL Disabled Veterans Hockey League November- March @ Hunt Armory

  3. 2 National travel tournaments per year

  4. Additional tournaments and games as presented

  5. Jerseys and equipment (if needed)

healing thru hockey

Criteria to Register

  1. Honorable discharge from any branch of the US armed forces. 

  2. Service connected disability

  3. DD214 

  4. Valid USA hockey Number 

  5. No previous ice hockey experience required


Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey is a 501(c)(3) organization of honorably discharged service members with a service-connected disability united around hockey and dedicated to provide a cathartic experience, promote physical and mental healing and growth as well as to enable team members to be even more productive members of society.

Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey, with the help of the community, will use the powerful sport of hockey as a catalyst to create a culture of healing for its members in perpetuity.

Our time together will promote healing and we will help each other.

There is no requirement for experience or ability to play. Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey can help shape a positive public perception of all veterans, and, because we also wear the Pittsburgh Penguins logo on our jerseys, we will strive to be examples of excellence in sport and community.

Similar to our military service, we will promote brotherhood and camaraderie, seek to build friendships on and off the ice and foster a true team experience in our quest for victory. Recognizing the growing number of veterans dealing with substance abuse problems, depression, post-traumatic stress, and other unseen scars, excessive drinking will be discouraged. Unprofessional, inappropriate and/or illegal behavior will not be tolerated.

required items 
VA Rating letter, USA Hockey Number and DD-214

guiding principals

1. Winning on the ice is important, but there is so much more.

2. To promote brotherhood, each new player will be given a formal introduction at their first practice by the Head Coach or Assistant Coach. Additionally, at the beginning of every practice, one member will be asked to give a brief story or “fun-fact” about themselves that the others may not know.

3. One’s ability has nothing to do with how you are seen as a teammate, everyone will play.

4. While on the ice, only the Captain or Alternate Captains will talk to the referee.

5.Preference for travel will come from an individual’s involvement with the program. (i.e. volunteering for events, having a positive attitude towards the team and teammates and good behavior.)

6. Off the ice, reinforce a grateful attitude towards others in our community.



1. Have fun while playing hockey and building relationships with brothers and sisters-in arms.

2. Provide a safe environment for Disabled Veterans to enjoy the sport of Ice Hockey.

3. Promote success both on and off the ice.

4. Help our brothers who need to heal – heal through brotherhood, teamwork and physical effort.

5.Build an effective network of local organizations and veterans services in our community to better meet the needs of individuals.

6. Be positive examples on and off of the ice.

7. Spread awareness about the Warriors Hockey Program in an effort to continuously build our program and or other programs around the country.

8. Build financial stability to support year-round skating opportunities and the ability to send a team or teams to two USA hockey festivals annually.

9. Be the template for other sports-related veterans’ teams to follow.

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